Want To Help Veterans? How About Donating That Old Vehicle?

Posted on: 20 December 2022


Donating an unwanted car to a veteran's organization is a nice way to give back to those who've served the country. Donating a car to a veteran's charity has many benefits for you and the charity.

Car Donation Benefits for You

When you help veterans by donating a vehicle, not only do you get a good feeling knowing you are helping others but there are other benefits as well, including:

  • Getting rid of a car that isn't running with no costs
  • Cleaning up your yard and freeing up space
  • Tax benefits from the donation of your personal property to an approved charity 

Car Donation Benefits for the Veteran's Charity Organization

On the other side of the transaction, the veteran's charity will be given the money from either auctioning, parting out, or junking your vehicle. Often those accepting the donation and making the arrangements are third parties. They get a fee for each vehicle donated in exchange for doing all the legwork for the charity.

The Process of Vehicle Donation for Veteran's Charity

If you've never donated a car to charity, you are likely wondering about all the particulars. Here's what you need to know:

A Vehicle Doesn't Have to Run to be Donated

You can donate a vehicle that doesn't run to a veteran's charity. It may seem weird to you, but all vehicles have some intrinsic value, even if it is nothing other than metal scrap value. Some vehicles donated still run or have minor mechanical issues and are sold at auction. These vehicles earn the veteran's organization the most money. Some vehicles have significant damage from an accident, but their mechanical systems are still working. These vehicles are most frequently sold to parts yards that sell used auto parts. Cars at the end of their life will be taken to the scrap yard and crushed. Regardless of where your car ends up, you can take a tax deduction for its value at the time of donation.

Your Donated Car Will be Picked Up for Free at Your Home

Finally, when making a car donation to a veteran's charity, the organization's representatives will arrange for a tow truck to come to your home and remove the vehicle. You will not be charged for towing. The truck will arrange a time to pick up the vehicle, and you will give them the title and keys when they arrive. In exchange, they will give you a receipt you can use for tax purposes.

Yes, it is that easy to help veterans and get rid of your old junker simultaneously! For more information on a car donation for veteran charity, contact a professional near you.