4 Safety Measures to Observe While Awaiting a Tow Truck

Posted on: 6 April 2022


If you're involved in a car accident, or your vehicle suddenly stops in the middle of your drive, it can be extremely aggravating. However, it is vital to try and remain calm and cautious. Being calm lowers the risk of causing traffic congestion or accidents in such situations. You can take several different approaches to ensure that you remain safe while awaiting towing services. Here are a few you should know:

Don't Leave Any Valuable Possessions in Your Car

If you find a safe place to park your car after an accident, ensure that you don't have anything valuable inside your vehicle. If you forget to take out your belongings after a breakdown, you may hand over your car with medication or other valuable possessions. If this happens, your possessions may get lost or damaged, especially because the towing company will have over your vehicle to an auto repair dealership. This would make it more difficult to track your belongings.

Don't Be Quick to Accept Any Ride or Tow

It is good to be careful when your vehicle broke down in the middle of the road and many people claim to want to help you. This is because not all of them may be genuine. The only way to remain safe is by declining any help from strangers. If a towing truck happens to pull up, don't be quick to accept their help if you didn't contact them. The problem with going for any random towing company is that they can take advantage of your situation and overprice the towing fees. If you don't agree to their terms, they may even hold your vehicle until you're ready to pay. 

Don't Forget to Keep Your Vehicle's Hazard Light On

In case you're stuck in the middle of a busy road, it's important to warn other motorists by turning on your automobile's hazard light. This light is also beneficial in increasing visibility during the cold season when there's poor visibility. Besides providing better visibility to ensure that oncoming traffic sees your vehicle, it'll also help the towing service provider to identify your car.

Pull Up Your Vehicle Away from the Road

After a car breakdown, ensure that you pull up your car beside the road. If you remain in the middle of the road, you're likely to be hit by another vehicle. In cases where you can't drive your car to park it, especially if you've been involved in an accident, try pushing your car to the side of the road. However, avoid pulling your car along a hilly slope as it can accidentally slide.

Being stuck in the middle of the road poses a danger to you and other motorists. So, ensure that you follow the safety measures outlined above for your safety.