Thinking Of Starting Your Own Moving Company? Steps You Should Take

Posted on: 15 June 2017


When you find yourself tired of working for somebody else and want to give being your own boss a try, you may be considering starting your own moving company. Running a moving company can be a great business to start for yourself, largely because there is always a demand for moving services and vehicles. About 12 percent of the United States population moves every year, according to the Census Bureau, which means that moving companies will be a necessity for the foreseeable future. This is especially true as many members of the younger generations are renters rather than homeowners, meaning they will move more often than people that own their home. As such, going into the moving business is a good idea if you know what steps you should take in the process. Learn a few of the steps you should take so you can get your moving business started as soon as possible:

Start with a Small Fleet of Vehicles

You may be anxious to jump into the business and maintain a large fleet of moving vans and trucks to help clients and customers get moving as soon as possible. However, you also do not want to overextend yourself financially. Purchasing and then maintaining a large fleet of moving vehicles is a costly endeavor.

The cost of the initial purchase, the fuel, and other fluids that the vehicles will need, as well as the actual maintenance and repairs, will be exponentially higher with a large fleet. While you want to appear professional and well-established even from the beginning, it is better to properly maintain a smaller fleet of vehicles rather than have a larger fleet that you cannot afford to keep in the best possible condition.

Start off with a small fleet of vehicles, between two and four is ideal. Small moving vans can be used for clients that only need help moving specific items. You should also have at least one large moving truck so you can move an entire household's worth of possessions for a customer or family as well.

Consider Hiring an Onsite Fleet Maintenance Provider

If you are not an expert in vehicle maintenance or working as a mechanic and you do not want to spend the money to hire a mechanic fulltime, you may want to hire an onsite fleet maintenance or mobile fleet maintenance provider to help you out. These companies can come to your moving company's central location and service the vehicles as needed.

This can include tune-ups, oil changes, wheel alignments, and the like. You can also hire fleet maintenance services to provide on-call or emergency services if you have a vehicle break down or have other issues with your moving vans and trucks. Hiring such services will save you money over hiring a mechanic on-staff and will help you to perform preventive maintenance on your vehicles to avoid major breakdowns and issues.

These steps will help you to get your moving company started and get your small business up and running as soon as possible.