Repairing Accident Damage Inside Your Vehicle

Posted on: 10 April 2017


Car accidents do not always harm just the outside of your car. Many times there is damage to the inside of your car as well. Objects flying forward at an accelerated rate and smashing into the dash and seats creates an enormous amount of internal damage. Getting hit from the side while in your vehicle causes the doors to buckle inward. When you take your vehicle to an auto body repair shop to fix all the outward damage, here is how the technicians will fix the inward damage too.

Sweep the Vehicle for Debris

First and foremost, the technicians will sweep and vacuum all of the debris out of your vehicle. Shattered glass, bits of metal and even pieces of plastic in your car will be cleared away. This allows the technicians to get a clear picture of the internal damage as well as the external damage. The technician makes note of what needs to be repaired, and what things will definitely need to be replaced because the damage is too extreme.

Fixing the Frame of the Car

When there is damage  to the doors of your car, the first thing a technician will do is fix the frame of your vehicle. Why? Because the frame supports the doors, and when the frame is damaged, the doors are not effectively or properly supported. Ergo, if a new door has to be installed for every damaged door, the technician has to first make sure that the frame is good and intact.

Installing and/or Fixing the Dash

Your dash is the first line of defense in a crash. It slows down your accelerated rate of speed so that you cannot/do not go through the windshield of your car. The work on your dash, as well as replacing it or restoring it, is done before new car doors or repaired car doors are installed. The components in your dash, everything from the stereo system to the temperature controls, are tested and repaired. If the dash is a complete mess, the technician will pull the whole thing out, fix what is broken behind the dash, and then install the new dash console.

Repairing or Replacing the Windows

Next, your windshield and windows have to be replaced. Think of it this way-- you need to see what is happening around you, just as the technician needs to see who is working on what. The windshield and windows are of primary importance. Without them you could not install new car doors around the car windows or use your windshield wipers. Install them completely.